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Sign ups needed for summer of Giles

My goodness, it's the TENTH edition of the mighty summer_of_giles ! <3 <3

Please be sure to hop on over and sign up for a day. Fic, drabbles, art, videos, recipes, hangover cures... everything is welcome as we treasure our two months sharing the Watcher love. Any rating, any ship, any state of sobriety. Come and join the festival.

Summer of Giles needs you

The 9th Annual Summer of Giles begins 1st June 2014. Sign ups are open at this link

There are free days in both June and July that are crying out for someone to contribute. Fic, art, meta. Everyone and everything is welcome. All ships are respected and Giles can be drunk or sober. :-)

Round up of 2014 ficathon

And so to bed...


We've had a fine old time at this year's ficathon with lots of lovely entries. Please take a moment to read and comment. Feedback, however small, makes an author's day.

Late submissions are welcome and can be posted here. Otherwise, the comm will re-open in November for prompts for the next ficathon.

In the meantime I remind you that the AWESOME summer_of_giles runs June/July and for all year round bite-sized Giles fic, giles_shorts is the place to be.

ROUND UP of 2014 entries

The Morning After by dragonyphoenix
Giles/Joyce/Ethan A morning after the night before promises to be just as much fun.

The Demon's Drink by 0_ruthless_0
Ethan sets about getting Giles drunk. For the very best of motives naturally.

Honest and Crude by astartelydianna
Giles, Buffy and Scotch. This should end well.

Inventory by ljs
Giles and Anya fight wandering hands in the stockroom. No, not like that. Well maybe a bit.

Taking Care by gilescandy
Giles does the drinking. Dawn does the taking care. Involves dorm smuggling and no, that's not a euphemism.

Absent Friends by il_mio_capitano
Giles joins Ethan for a decidedly spooky pub crawl. Not his best piece of judgement.

In Plain Sight by brutti_ma_buoni
Giles/Faith. Giles sees a little more than the others and it's not all due to the alcohol.

The Note by 5believers
Giles/Buffy. Buffy seeks the recipe for Ripper, but is he also looking for her?

About Last Night by the_huffster
Giles looks for solace at the bottom of a whisky glass. Fortunately, Buffy sets him straight.

Countermeasures by craterdweller
Buffy's attempts to save Giles from a terrible spell almost backfire.

It Was the Chocolate by tld8of9
Giles and Joyce make it to a bed this time. The advantages of being older, but it is the Candy?

Many thanks to everyone who took part this year!


Fic: It Was the Chocolate FRM Giles/Joyce

Fixed Broken Link
Title: It Was the Chocolate
Author: T. Dunn
Rating: FRM - To be safe.
Pairing: Giles/Joyce
Timeframe: After Earshot
Summary: Giles and Joyce really secretly enjoyed the band candy. They hid a stash of it when Buffy was cleaning up the town - and one night, they decide to indulge.
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned is owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy except the scenario that I have put the characters through. I thank him for creating such a wonderful universe in which I can play too.

It Was The Chocolate

Countermeasures (Giles/Buffy?, PG-13)

Title: Countermeasures
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Timeline: Season 5 after Checkpoint
Words: 4029
Prompt: #37. Someone has cast a spell on Giles to assassinate his slayer. The only thing that keeps the spell from taking hold is alcohol. Can he and Buffy reverse the spell before it's too late?
Disclaimer: Not mine, etc etc. Not beta'd (if there are any volunteers I can use an occasional beta)
Notes: I took a few liberties with the prompt but hopefully I'm still in the ballpark :) Thanks to my buds littleotter73 and foreverbooks for getting me unstuck during the weekly watcherjournals chat :D

Get Giles a DrinkCollapse )

About Last Night (B/G, PG)

Title: About Last Night
Author: the_huffster
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Rating: PG
Timeline: Post-Chosen
Word count: 3,012
Synopsis: Giles has a better way of spending his first New Year's Eve alone than at the Council's New Year's Eve party, watching his ex-girlfriend with another man.
Prompt #23: Giles is drunk on New Year's Eve. Can be at a party or alone. But it'd be nice if he started the New Year off happy :)
A/N: Sweet Baby Jesus, I finally finished it. I had planned to have this up on New Year's Eve, but the fic ran away from me and turned out much longer than I thought it would be. As always, this went without a beta

This way to the magical fic!

The Note (Giles/Buffy, frao)

Title: The Note
Author: 5believers
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Timeline: Directly following the events of A New Man.
Rating: FRAO to be safe
Words: 8253 (a bit lot longer than I’d intended)

Summary: Written for drunken_giles: Prompt 19. Someone knows (or experiments to find out), exactly how much alcohol is needed to get Ripper to come out to play.

Author’s Notes: I know I didn’t actually claim any prompts, but since the comm is still open, I figured no one would mind if I claimed this one.

This fic didn’t turn out the way I intended it to at all. Buffy and Giles kinda got away from me at some point and I never quite managed to get them back to where I thought they should’ve been. Riley decided to show up as well, even though I told him not to. I don’t know how any of this happened.

Also, I’m not much of a drinker myself, so the amounts of alcohol might be way, way off. Sorry about that. I didn’t really want to call my dad to ask him just how much Scotch it would take to get him drunk.

Constructive criticism would be much appreciated, especially since this is the first fic I’ve ever really finished. (Many abandoned beginnings reside on my laptop, however.)

Disclaimer: I own nothing Buffy-related, all of that belongs to Joss and Fox and Mutant Enemy and such.

Go to fic.

In Plain Sight (Giles/Faith)

Title In Plain Sight
Author Brutti ma Buoni
Pairing pre Giles/Faith
Rating PG
Words 1100
Prompt For drunken_giles prompt 6: Giles is troubled by ghosts. Or at least visions. The Scoobies aren't sure whether they are actually ghosts or... well, Giles has been drinking a lot lately.

Story at my journal

Fic: Absent Friends

Title: Absent Friends
Author: il-mio-capitano
Setting: Post Chosen. Giles, Ethan and friends.
Length: 6850 (my, that was longer than I intended)
Rating: FRT

Prompt by wickedfox I'd love to read a sort of The World's End type story. Giles and Ethan go on an epic pub crawl that was never finished by his deceased mates back in the day. Unfortunately this go of it gets interrupted by something supernatural.

OK then...

Under the cut...Collapse )

Fic: Taking Care (FRT)

brutti_ma_buoni thanks for the prompt.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Title: Taking Care
Author: Gilescandy
Rating: FRT
Characters: Giles, Dawn
Timeline: About 1 year post-Chosen. Not following the Comics.

Summary: Giles wakes up with a monster hangover. But that’s not as scary as where he is and who he’s with.
For the Drunken!Giles Ficathon 2014. Prompt - The morning after the night before, Giles awakens to discover drink led him to.. who?
(I hope I managed to get enough funny into this.)

Story found here...  http://gilescandy.livejournal.com/16405.html