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Prompt 2 - Honest and Crude (astartelydianna) B/G fic

Title: Honest and Crude
Chapter: 1/2 (I think 2 but maybe a third might sneak in depending how the second part goes)
Author: astartelydianna
Rating: M (this chapter is about an M-15 rating for sexual themes and alcohol etc but the next chapter will be Adults only)
Season: Season 5 after Buffy's mother's funeral
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the fandom or characters or anything else recognisable and make no money from this.
Challenge/Prompt: 2. Buffy shows up with a bottle of scotch a few days after her mother's funeral, needing the support and comfort of her Watcher. - Considering I am a B/G shipper, it would be great if this one was shipped, but Watcher/Slayer bonding works too if it takes someone's fancy.

Honest and Crude
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