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Drunken!Giles opening times

Giles has been a very good boy and on the wagon for some time but this all changes now!

soon, Rupert, soon

The master plan is: Everyone dreams up some nice scenarios and submit them as prompts from the 15th November. Then we all pick one or two during December and start work. Posting will open in January but with no booking of  set dates - just submit when you are ready.

Please pimp this everywhere and to everyone you know.


15 November - 30 November. Prompts for stories are submitted and collated.
1 December - 31 December. Writers choose prompts and do the write thing.
1 January - 31 January. Comm is open for posting of results and the showering of praise and feedback.
1 February onwards. Comm closes with a couple of alka-seltzers and Giles enrols on a twelve-step program.

General points

+ This is a ficathon comm whose soul focus is BtVS' Rupert Giles being drunk and charming in varying degrees. Obviously this can involve him playing with others. Shipping and gen fic all welcome.

+ Explicit work is welcome with suitable warnings for the kiddies (who shouldn't be reading).

+ There will be irresponsible levels of drinking. This is not teetotal!Giles. Live with it.

+ This isn't a fic exchange. Prompts don't especially belong to their originator. We are just sharing the lurve.

+ Fic can be posted here or as as links to own accounts or sites.

+ Prompts can be filled by more than one poster though it would be nice to buy a drink for as many different prompts as possible.

+ Usual no ship bashing, lets all play nicely caveats apply.

+ It would be terribly nice to take a prompt if you provide some.

+ Feedback and kind words make a writer's day. Please support the authors.
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