Flippancy provided by (il_mio_capitano) wrote in drunken_giles,
Flippancy provided by

Prompts needed for Drunken Giles

Clearly, this man has a drinking problem...

help this man's hand to eye co-ordination

... and it's up to us to help him solve it. So hurrah, this thread is open to accept all prompts for the 2013-14 drunken_giles ficathon.

Please comment below with all suggestions. On 1st December, I will collate all prompts and post a new thread to allow writers to claim. Posting of fic will be within January 2014 (and probably a bit beyond if I'm honest). More details can be found here. Happy to respond to any questions below or Pm'ed.

Let's have at it and help poor Giles with his hand-eye co-ordination.
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