Drunken Giles ficathon 2013-2014

Is open for entries until 15 February 2014

Drunken Giles
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Giles being drunk. A lot.
This is a ficathon comm whose soul focus is BtVS' Rupert Giles being drunk and charming in varying degrees.

15 November - 30 November. Prompts for stories are submitted and collated.
1 December - 31 December. Writers choose prompts and write.
1 January - 31 January. Comm is open for posting of results.
1 February onwards. Comm closes with a couple of alka-seltzers and Giles enrols on a twelve-step program.

General points

+ Explicit work is welcome with suitable warnings for the kiddies (who shouldn't be reading).

+ There will be irresponsible levels of drinking. This is not teetotal!Giles. Live with it.

+ This isn't a fic exchange. Prompts don't especially belong to their originator. We are just sharing the lurve.

+ Fic can be posted here or as as links to own accounts or sites.

+ Usual no ship bashing, lets all play nicely caveats apply.

+ It would be terribly nice to take a prompt if you provide some.

+ Feedback and kind words make a writer's day. Please support the authors.